Healthcare Data Company

Healthcare Data Company

Welcome to Curious Health

We are an innovative data company trying to make best use of healthcare data to improve patients' lives, improve quality of healthcare services and reduce costs.


Chronic Disease Management

We strive to embrace and drive change in management of chronic diseases with utilization of big data and AI technologies.

Rare Disease Management

Even though rare diseases effect small groups of patients in our communities, breaktrough innovation is still achieved with data analysis and data mining.

Cancer Treatment Management

Supporting cancer research and and improving the quality of care by big data analysis and data mining.

Patient Centric Apps

Patient centric mobile and web applications designed for specific diseases.

Public Health Data Management

Aggregating big data from various resources, validating and analysing data to improve quality and efficiency of public health services.

Personalized Treatment Apps

Personalized treatment apps using big data from other patients with same disease symptoms, demographic and social group.

Recent Work recently launched a big data driven diabetes management platform. More details at this link